2021 improved $125.00 PLR Holster Set with 4 - 30 round Mag. pouch - Ver#3. NOW IN STOCK now with FITTING INSTRUCTIONS)

$125.00 PLR Holster Set with Mag. pouch - Made in Missouri, USA. Developed specifically for the KELTEC PLR16:

Totally adjustable to fit Your Body !

holster fitting

1) Start by adjusting to your waist

2) Suggest fitting loaded with PLR & loaded Mag. Pouch

3) Holster hold down strap is fitted for PLR

4) Height from Belt to Holster has a little adjustment

5) Upper thigh strap adjusts

6) Lower thigh strap adjusts

7) New 5" Velcro on Belt

8) Allows Holster front to rear positioning

When fitted to Your Body, wearing the Holster set in the Field should be comfortable and feel natural

•  You'll like the light weight and even more secure fit.


New 2021 updated version has additional Velcro areas and no longer relies on clips to position the Holster on the Belt. We made it lighter , better looking, and improved the Mag Pouches :

Version #3 has just been put into production and has differences from pictures shown: The waist belt material remains thicker/heavier and the inside holster color remains black (not red as pictured).


•  Customers have reported using accessories such as a Trijicon reflex scope with no modification needed.

•  You'll like the light weight and even more secure fit.


• A true Thigh Holster.



•  For 2021, clips will no longer be needed to position the Holster on Belt. Additional Velcro has been added to the Belt and the Velcro on the Gun Strap extended. Gun and Holster are even more secure.


•  The Holster Set still includes a Mag. Pouch for carrying up to 4 x 30 round clips, but Velcro area is larger than shown.


•  3 (Composite) 30 round .223 magazines are available for $35.00 each for M16 applications. 3 Clearanced to work specifically in a PLR16 they are available for $40.00. See pictures above which show these mags in a PLR.

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